Barcrest has created iconic slots such as Rainbow Riches, Ooh Aah Dracula and Monty’s Millions. These games have been played in live settings, millions of times. Two of the reasons for these games’ popularity among players include their fun-filled and the bonus offers which help players make record wins on Barcrest.

Attractive Features of Barcrest Games

Barcrest games have many attractive features which have endeared many to it. Most Barcrest games are silent between spins, though they have soundtracks and tunes. When a player stops spinning, the music also stops. This allows the player to fully contemplate his next move as he can pause in between spins and not be followed by repeating tunes and beeps. Concentration, in turn, supports record wins on Barcrest games, among players.

Barcrest Slots’ Use of Advanced Software

Barcrest games have logos above their reels. These logos flash and animate the game in a special way, as the player makes each spin. Barcrest’s slots such as the ones in Ooh Aah Dracula also have high-roller play options which are very entertaining. These features exist alongside free spin bonus games and the chance to pick gravestones for extra prizes. Barcrest slots are able to support these features easily because Barcrest games run on sophisticated software platforms.

The casino slots games also offer competitive incentives and promotions to players. Some of the incentives include free spins, welcome and no deposit bonuses and a chance of winning real money. These offers are given to first time players who have completed their signup or registration processes. For instance, a game such as Barcrest’s Rainbow Riches offers up to 200% up to 50 Pounds bonus and more than 50 free spins for its first-time players.

Compelling Reasons to Play Barcrest Slot Games

Barcrest is the home of hundreds of exciting games which are fun-filled and action-packed. These slot games also run on sophisticated software platforms and unique and beautiful designs. The unique designs have high-roller player options which guarantee players user-friendliness, fun and higher chances of winning real money. Barcrest games also extend players incentives and promotions such as welcome and no deposit bonuses, free spins and free chips. A player can use these incentives, especially free spins to heighten his number of plays and chances of winning real money.

Play Barcrest Games for Record Wins on Barcrest